Sunday, 15 October 2017

Gete-okosomin Harvest !

                                    Whoo - hoo !  My Gete - okosomin harvest !

 Those who have been following this story will know that I only had one plant germinate , of how the vine got broken off just above the cotyldon leaves , how I took that broken plant and treated it as a cutting and had to wait a further couple of weeks for that cutting to root ..which it did ...of the storms..followed by drought ...followed by relentless rain showers just as I wanted to hand pollinate the flowers .
 People giving me advice I could have done only allowing the one I put on the chair to develop and cut the others off !..the one on the chair rotted I,m glad that I didn't cut all the other shoots off .
 It certainly is a very vigourous variety and can root into the ground as it spreads .

                                     They are best if raised off the ground .

   This one got to a fairly good size though hanging over the chicken wire fence .

I dont know how much it weighs .....I think it might break my kitchen scales...big strong  husband carried it in for me . This one , is the one that I am hoping and praying , will have the best chance of having seeds in .
  I already have a list of veg gardening friends who want to try these seeds and I will be happy to share them out later on in the year .( It will be awful if it has no seeds in ! )
 Thanks to Nancy Wolfe who was very generous in sharing them with me , I have learned so much through growing this interesting Squash  .
 Are there any interested (geeky) Pumpkin / Squash growers around here in Mullion ?

 I brought in all the others and they have to cure in a warm place for a day or so before putting them into a cooler but frost free storage place ...shed / garage / loft .

I ,ve brought in some of the many smaller zuchinni/courgette sized ones for us to try too .
                                          Looking forward to cooking them up .

                     I stripped out the bed and we're back to square one again .

The slugs ate all the leaves off these purple kale stalks, actually I think they were Red Russian Kale ....I,m leaving them ..they might re-shoot  .....they WILL reshoot !  (got to think positive ! ) :)

It is time to feed and replenish the earth and I try not to walk on this beautiful crumbly soil ! still looks amazing !
  Today I will let the birds feed from it , tomorrow I will begin to cover it up , layer by layer build it up again .

                              Leeks , onions ,  kale growing away beautifully now .

  A few cabbages and Purple Sprouting Broccoli under cover , the other side of the bed is resting and being built up again .

                                          Another bed being prepared .

 This plastic mesh fencing hasn't lasted even a year , I couldn't afford chicken wire last year , I,m having a re-think about this . I hate plastic !

 So I have coppiced some Hazel and I,ll see what I can do with that around the veg beds.

                                                     Leek seeds drying off .
Hurricane Ophelia is a coming in from early tomorrow morning , batten down the hatches and take very great care everybody  .

Friday, 29 September 2017

Gete-Okosomin Squash 29th September 2017

I just had another peek..I cant believe how fast this is growing now ...this is looking good and I may well get some seeds to be sharing at the end of the year .

It seems that these Squashes do much better if given some support and if they get damaged in the slightest , will quickly rot . So don't touch them or you will soon see thumb prints .

 I am impressed at how vigorous and healthy this plant is ..with no sign of the mosaic virus that other Squashes and courgettes often get here in the U.K.

I would like to know from other growers of this , if the immature fruits can be eaten ?
 I  don't want to waste food , surely they must be like courgettes/zucchini ?
        I'll share the seeds when they are ready .
 Let me know if you're local and interested in trying it .
                                        Happy Harvest everyone !

Mummabear in the Greenhouse...

                                                     Eriocactus Magnificus
This was such a little thing when I first bought this from Mr Pilbeam of Connoisseurs' Cacti many years ago ..maybe twenty years ago . Mr Pilbeam still has a great website and plant list if you're interested....  .
 Anyway today I am delighted to see that she not only has a flower , but a nice cluster of babies all around her .

                                I love it's large and cheerful lemon flower .