Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017 Everybody !

Happy New Year 2017 .... and I,m off to a lousy start with a rotten cold and ear infection . So forgive me I,ve been in slipping in and out of  hibernation .
I was aware of something banging during the night and on investigation in the morning found that husband had left the porch door swinging open  ..lucky there hasn't been much more than a gentle breeze or it could have come off it's hinges...any way I gave him a good telling off  !  :)

The sun is shining here in Mullion this morning ..aah..sunlight streaming into my porch..doesn't it make you feel good ..and I notice that my Schlumbereras are beginning to flower .

 No sign of my Saffron bulbs flowering ,so I think that I will just add a little bit more gritty compost around them to bulk them up and hopefully they'll flower next year .

                                                  Gasterias are doing fine .

Then I have a nervous look around  for spiders , up overhead ,there is often one huge one up there..but wait a minute ...what's that ? !!!

                                                   It's a little bat sleeping !
                             What a wonderful surprise ! Ah ! but now what to do ?

 We decide to fix the door open for today and possibly tonight , so that he can easily fly out and join his friends again out under the ivy up in the pine trees in our garden and under the eves/guttering of our cottage .

                                         Our first Cowslips are flowering !

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Wishing you a Merry Christmas !

                                                      Peace , Love , Joy  !

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Fourth Sunday of Advent

I have really been trying to stay focused on what Christmas is really all about and was delighted when I found this very vintage Baby Jesus on Ebay. On the listing pictures I could see that it was very old , chipped , broken and been glued back together with sticking plaster...... would it make the journey from Ireland in one piece ?
 We waited and so looked forward for this parcel to arrive and spoke excitedly of Baby Jesus coming and maybe He was on the plane right now !
 ...... I have never been so excited about a parcel coming ...and we were not disappointed .  I cant tell you how delighted we were on opening and carefully peeling away the bubblewrap and newspaper .
 Usually we put up a Christmas Tree with fairy lights in the window which faces out into the lane , but this year I will put Baby Jesus there instead .
 Its been such a beautiful Advent .