Saturday, 23 July 2016


                                    An assortment of Hydrangea blooms from my garden .

 Jessica and I were talking about Hydrangeas the other day . It not being a particular favourite of mine ......

 ......and she mentioned that she would really love to have a blue one . So I had a look around my garden and found this one  ,  which I think is a Lace- Cap Hydrangea . I have no idea of it's proper name . Maybe someone can tell me  ?

It is blue , with flashes of pink .....but mostly blue . I dont "do" anything to my hydrangeas to make them go any brighter or darker blue or pink than they already are . This one has always been blue .

 So I thought I,d get a cutting rooted for her .  If you'd like to have a go , this is what I do .
 The picture above pretty much shows  how simple it is to do . Here I have cut two  non- flowering stems of about 5 or 6 inches . I took off the lower leaves , which just sort of snap / pop off easily . I pinched out the tiny leaves at the top and cut the really large leaves in half so the plant can cope with the shock better and not wilt too much .
 This will be going back onto my kitchen window for a few weeks until hopefully a few roots appear . I will refresh the water every few days .
 I,ve also prepared another two in the same way , but put them into a pot of multi-purpose compost .
  So now we will just wait and see !

Friday, 22 July 2016

Borecole Kale a late July Sowing

                     21st July 1.30 pm I thought I,d do a final sowing of Kale seeds .
On the seed packet it said "Borecole "...which I have just found out is Kale ....same thing .  Only difference that I can see with this particular packet is that it says I can sow it up until end of July , which is one month later than my last Kale seed packet said .
 Now then , it has been exceptionally  hot here on the Lizard , Cornwall and I think we could well have a storm and some torrential rain with it in the next few days . So rather than have them all washed away , plus the slugs which will then all come out again and gobble them up ,...I decided to sow them indoors on the kitchen windowsill and plant them out when they are a bit bigger . Also I should have more space in the veg garden in a few weeks time hopefully .

                            22nd July 7.30 am and they are germinating already  !

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The New Plants

So here are the plants that I bought from Lower Kenneggy Nurseries Rosudgeon .
    We have starting from the one on the left . Aeonium tabuliforme , Pelargonium  " Lady Plymouth  " , Dryopteris sieboldii  which is also known as Siebold's Wood Fern  .
    My friend surprised me by giving me the amazing Aeonium tabuliforme ! Thankyou ever so much Jessica  x
 The beautiful fern is going into the Secret (untidy at the moment ) Fern Garden .
 The sack of Wild-bird seed we each grabbed a sack from Trevena Cross Nurseries  Breage , a bit further up the road , on the way home . It was reduced to £8 or so ..normally £12 or so ...and actually a very helpful young man carried them both out and loaded them into the car for us . So that's the birds sorted for the coming winter .
  Right now , put out bowls of fresh water for passing thirsty birds and other wild creatures.
     Anyway ......

 .......Pelargonium  " Lady Plymouth " is now right by the back door in my kitchen , to brush against and perfume the air sits next to three plastic dinosaurs  , a very rare Clivia variegata which I grew from seed  and a red leafed Tradescantia plant .
       Yes  , that is a Tree Fern outside the kitchen window .    Yes , I know the window needs cleaning .

                                                    Aeonium tabuliforme

      A close up of the wonderful plant that Jessica bought for me  as a lovely surprise !